EU Students

About UK/EU Funding & Financial Support

Students from countries within the European Union presently do not require a Visa in order to study in the UK. These countries currently are:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

There are several opportunities available for funding, as well as substantial amounts of financial support in offer for EU students. At Alpa Consultant, you will be offer expert advice entirely for free, on how to screen and apply for the right academic course, and obtain the best possible financial deal for yourself!

Our Strength Regarding UK/EU Students

Applying for Universities and Colleges can be overwhelming. There are numerous Institutions; countless variations of the same degrees; and several types of funding and other financial support. This is why we believe that you could greatly benefit from seeking advice from the ALPA Consultants.

We firmly believe that further education requires proper decision making and planning, and our dedicated team can assist prospective students to do so, focusing our attention on their individual needs.

We will be able to assist with the liaison between you and the Institution of your choice; help you make sense of all the information you must become familiar with; and aid you throughout the admission process. With our assistance, prospective students are guaranteed to maximise their chances to make better informed decisions; choose the right Institution and appropriate course; and made the most of any possible financial aid or financial support.

ALPA Consultants have been helping UK/EU students for over 6 years, and we have more than 2000 successful stories under our belt!

About Student Finance

ALPA Consultants can support with your financial concerns. By helping with the paperwork requested from you, we can organise for students from the EU, funding from Student Finance England. This can sum up to £20k per year for the duration of your course, which could be for up to 4 years. Please note that terms and conditions apply to each individual case.

Student Finance England also provides you with the tuition fees, which will be sent directly to your Institution, so you do not need to worry about your fee being paid. Student Finance England can provide you maintenance loan, which is sent directly to your bank account, and you can use the funding for your travels; food and bills; accommodation or whatever you may need.

The funding provided to you will help support you while you enjoy attending to your chosen course, and you do not need to worry about anything other than making sure you achieve the best grades, and budget your maintenance loan to keep on top of your own bills.

You may have read the word loan however; Student Finance England understands the different financial circumstances, so you only pay back the maintenance loan and student fee after 9 years from when your course ends, or when you start to earn at least £25k/ year.

This is so that after studying you are able to settle with employment. The loan may be paid in instalments so that you are not affected so much with repaying. ALPA Consultants can also advise you on this.